In the battle for ultimate supremacy in the basketball world, three teams are left standing. The San Antonio Spurs made quick work of the Memphis Grizzlies and now await the winner from the East. Lebron James and the Miami Heat are looking in ominous touch, but are facing a stiff challenge from the Indiana Pacers. The winner of this series will go on to meet the Spurs. Watch the NBA finals online as the Spurs look to use their experienced heads to ward off their opponent from the East.

WATCH LIVE: 2014 NBA Finals

The Experienced Spurs

Being ‘battle hardened’ from years of finals experience, the Spurs will be tough opponents on the court. They are ready to take home another championship on the shoulders of Parker, Duncan and Ginobili. These three stars have given a lot to the team and continue to excel at a high level that has become synonymous with them. Having Coach Popovich leading the veteran group has provided positive results for the team.

While, Tim Duncan has been struggling with personal issues, his on-court performances have started to skyrocket. The ultimate professional that he is has led to incredible results from his end. Tim Duncan continues to dip into his well of talent and will pose a threat in the NBA finals. If the Spurs are to win, Tim Duncan will have to continue both his offensive and defensive prowess.

The Spurs have come this far on the basis of a well-run system that has proven to work. The entire team has bought into Popovich’s championship formula and are working hard to implement it. The results are in front of everyone as they are four wins away from another trophy. Will the Spurs be on the right end of this season’s finals?

The Beasts of the East

There are two teams fighting it out. Will the 2013 NBA finals see the return of the Miami Heat and their superstars? Looking to solidify a legacy that was promised at the uniting of LeBron, Wade and Bosh; the scrutiny is at a decisive high. The goal was never to simply win one championship and call it a day. The team was assembled to be a dynasty and that is what the fans in Miami expect. With those expectations being carried on their shoulders, will the Heat be able to perform in the finals? Will they make it to the finals?

The underdogs during the entire playoffs have been the Indiana Pacers. The proverbial ‘Cinderella run’ continues to occur for these Pacers. A team full of good players, but no superstar has led to a team that understand the concept of team basketball better than any. The results are in front of everyone as they look to put away one of the toughest oppositions in the game. If they beat Miami, the Spurs will be facing a team assured of its abilities.

Watch 2014 NBA Finals Online

To catch all of the action that will be on show, it is time to tune online and watch the finals from the comfort of your computer screen. The streaming will be available for all of those interested in watching the game on their laptops/desktops. Watch as the Spurs go head to head with one of the Heat or Pacers in order to hoist the trophy that is forever coveted.